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Our team at Holland Law Group assists our clients in Flagstaff, Arizona with probate law services. Probate is the legal process of transferring property, finances, and material goods upon the death of a loved one. The purpose of probate is to formalize intentions of who will inherit property when someone passes away through a trust or a will. An executor of the will or trust will take care of the distribution of assets as the will instructs them to. At Holland Law Group, we want Flagstaff residents to feel supported when it comes to the probate process and successfully carrying out the orders of a will or trust with diligence and honesty.

How is Probate Administered?

When dealing with probate, you should always work with a legal team that understands your specific situation and has your best interest. Our team is always standing by and ready to assist you with your probate process. The probate administration process is always court-supervised and designed to carefully and respectfully transfer assets to beneficiaries. Probate administration includes “probating a will,” which is where the executor proves that the decedent followed the proper legal formalities when drafting and finalizing their will. While it may seem like the best option to avoid probate as a way to not have to deal with fees and expenses, the probate process exists to protect all parties involved and allow for an objective process to occur when many may be grieving or stressed by the loss of a loved one.

The Probate Process for Flagstaff, AZ Clients

There are many factors that affect the probate law process. The probate process can be uncontested or contested. If a will uncontested, the probate process will include the following steps: paying all debts, claims taxes owner by the decedent, collecting all assets the decedent owners, settling any existing disputes, and finalizing and distributing all the remaining property to the beneficiaries. If a will is contested, it is generally because someone feels they should be receiving more than they received. The contestation of a will could include arguments like the decedent did not know what they were doing, or the executor and decedent did not carry out the property legal process in drafting their will. Regardless of whether or not the probate process will be contested, our team at Holland Law will always make sure you have the proper legal support you need.

Let Your Northern Arizona Law Group Understand Probate Law

Whether you are an executor dealing with disgruntled family members or are considering making the probate process go as smooth as possible by drafting a will, our legal experts are capable of assisting you with every step of the process. Having a will is extremely important to instruct your loved ones on exactly what you would like to happen in the event that something happens to you. Creating a trust or will helps to avoid the financial and emotional turmoil that comes along with the probate process. The legal services we provide at Holland Law Group as always affordable and trustworthy, and we are passionate about the work we provide Flagstaff and all Northern Arizona clients with.


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