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Partnering with a reliable asset protection attorney in Flagstaff, Arizona can be a daunting process. Fortunately, the Holland Law Group consist highly qualified attorneys who can help shield your business and family assets from creditor attacks and others who may view you as a financial target. We are committed to developing a multi-faceted asset protection plan that will protect you, your family, and your business.

Whether you’ve developed a portfolio of assets through entrepreneurship, inheritance, or wise investments, the Holland Law Group takes the time to listen to your concerns. We build a custom plan by implementing asset protection mechanisms that aim to deter financial predators from attempting to take your assets.

What is Asset Protection Planning?

Simply put, asset protection planning is the development of a plan or strategy that protects your wealth. Your assets may include property, bank accounts, and other valuables. The goal is to shield your hard-earned wealth from creditor claims and lawsuits. A custom asset protection plan can be developed for you, as an individual, and for your business. After you spend years acquiring your assets, it only makes sense to rely on experienced asset protection attorneys who will legally limit creditor access to what is rightfully yours.

Don’t be fooled into believing that asset protection is only for the extremely wealthy. Unfortunately, in today’s legal system, nearly anyone can fall victim to a frivolous lawsuit or creditor claim. A number of life events can spark someone’s desire to cash in on your wealth. From car accidents and credit card debt to dissatisfied customers or disgruntled employees, what may seem like an ordinary event can quickly escalate into the demand for cash. When you haven’t taken the time to protect your assets, the outcome could cripple your finances.

Do I Need Asset Protection?

If you own valuable assets of any monetary amount, it’s wise to develop an asset protection plan. The ideal, however, is to be proactive in your approach. It’s extremely difficult to block your assets from current creditors or shield your property after a lawsuit has been filed. Develop your Flagstaff, AZ asset protection plan now with a qualified lawyer. Working with a financial planner can be productive when it comes to investments and retirement, but when it’s time to fight for what’s yours, rely on the Holland Law Group.

The key to strong asset protection and management is keeping your plan up to date. Building a plan is not a one-and-done task. As you gain more wealth, you’ll need to modify your strategy to ensure you’re protecting the growth. It’s ideal to save and protect when times are good in preparation for the potential of bad days ahead. While we hope you never face a financial pitfall or become the next victim of a creditor or financially-motivated plaintiff, we’re here to build a protection plan just in case.

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The Holland Law Group is committed to structuring a personalized plan to protect your assets. Through ethical principles and proven methods, our legal team can develop a plan that ensures your wealth remains in your hands.


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