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Our legal team at Holland Law can provide you with trusted, respectful, and passionate representation.

Sometimes disputes simply cannot be settled short of going to court. When litigation is inevitable, we are well prepared to represent clients efficiently, but aggressively. Holland Law Group’s litigation attorneys offer a wide range of experience in all aspects of dispute resolution and prevention. Our attorneys are proficient in alternative dispute resolution techniques, negotiated settlements, appeals, and traditional trial representation, as well as advice on the prevention of claims and avoidance of litigation. Moreover, peer law firms have expressed their confidence in us as evidenced by the significant number of referrals for litigation in our geographic footprint.

As a client, you want a litigator who understands your best interests and knows how to achieve them. As results-oriented advocates, we understand that our clients need to have disputes resolved quickly, economically and successfully. Holland Law Group’s trial and appellate lawyers give you the dispute resolution counsel you need while respecting your time, intelligence and money. We believe the true standard of an effective litigation practice isn’t just dramatic victories at trial; it’s total commitment to finding the best and most effective resolution to a client’s disputes. Since the firm’s inception our lawyers have combined legal skill, experience and aggressive trial advocacy for practical and effective solutions that achieve our clients’ objectives.

Holland Law Group litigators mean business. Our litigators have tried numerous trials in state and federal courts, from the routine to the complex. We work closely with our clients to determine the most efficient process to obtain the desired outcome. When you turn to Holland Law Group for help, we put you at the center of our strategy. Every action we recommend is done with your objectives in mind. We don’t over- or under-litigate, and we’re not afraid to take an aggressive approach to a dispute on your behalf when it’s warranted. You get the benefit of skilled trial lawyers who will pull together all the resources from our firm to handle your case efficiently and effectively

When you hire Holland Law Group you can expect the following:

  1. A customized approach for each matter, with an appropriate mix of partners and associates who draw on the firm’s full resources for support
  2. A philosophy and demonstrated history of staffing cases with no more than the lawyers necessary
  3. A track record of proven trial skills and accomplishments
  4. A measured, well-planned approach to litigation strategy that features exceptional writing and communication skills in motions and briefsAt Holland Law Group, you and your interests are at the heart of our client-centered litigation philosophy. We take a customized approach to accomplishing your dispute resolution goals with as minimal a burden in cost and time as possible.

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