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Our Northern Arizona clientele receive adept legal consultation to decisively understand litigation and handle issues regarding estate litigation. Often, clients need outside perspectives from estate law experts to settle the litigation & distribution of estates or assets through litigation. Whether an estate contains a bulk of assets, or a loved one left a modest fortune for a few relatives, Holland Law Group deftly resolves the litigation and distribution of estates. We work one on one with clients to ensure a fair-minded approach regarding estate plannning & estate litigation. Listed are the litigation services and consultation we provide to mitigate the often stressful nature of estate litigation cases.

Estates and Wills Can Be Contested by Litigation

Litigation occurs when contention between relatives happens and when they believe that estates are unfairly distributed. Some estate owners in Northern Arizona employ Holland Law Group to litigation reconcile a contested will after the death of a loved one. There are stereotypes that individuals seeking estate litigation endure disorder and feuds between relatives. Our litigation attorneys understand that estate hearings often occur when all parties are not satisfied with a will. Decades of estate litigation services grants us the ability to hone-in and find suitable contract revisions. A fair minded and seasoned attorney can understand not only the fine print on a will or estate document but envision a smooth resolution to satisfy all guarantors.

Frequent Causes for Estate Litigation

Typically trusts are created then sealed away until a relative passes away, with the document being handled by a trustee to disperse the estate to benefactors. Relatives contest wills through litigation and estate because they may have not been updated in many years or do not reflect the wishes of a deceased parent or relative. There is no shame for Northern Arizona residents to use litigation to consult with Holland Law Group to review the fine print on an estate contract. Beneficiaries often puzzle over how to divide an estate according to their relatives wishes, if the contract appears outdated or its contested. Our central aim is to address the values and desires of all party members to ensure a fair division of estates through litigation. Furthermore, our company values are transparency and objectivity with respecting the time and wishes of our clients.

Holland Law Group’s Call to Action

Frictions between relatives or benefactors often surface during estate litigation. Unlike competing law firms, our clients come first with handling estate litigations. Unfortunately, some litigation attorneys may complicate estate litigations and draw out the process. Our top-rated litigation attorneys have worked on a variety of cases and cross-reference them to customize each litigation. The prime value of Holland Law Group involves litigation  that is civil and dutifully fighting for our clients to reduce unnecessary conflict. We work around the clock to achieve an efficient and swift end to the cases by litigation if needed. Northern Arizona residents not only may receive consultation for estate lawsuits, but they can contact us for advice with setting up a will or estate or pursuing litigation.


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