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The need for a Prescott, AZ lawyer doesn’t necessarily imply a legal battle is at hand. Find the best law group to handle your trust, will, estate, and probate takes trust in an attorney’s abilities. You are planning for your loved ones to take over your estate and assets. Each detail matters.

At Holland Law Group, we understand that getting your assets in order and ensuring your wishes are legally binding comes with peace of mind. There should be no question as to what happens with everything you leave behind. Deciding on the best Prescott legal service to finalize your asset distribution may be an area where you need assistance.

Do I Need a Will or Trust?

The Holland Law Group offers legal services in Prescott surrounding several estate planning options. In order to finalize your estate plans, choose from one of these legal services:

Trust: A document solely used for estate planning. Unlike a will, a trust doesn’t specify your last wishes regarding medical care. A trust’s only purpose is to finalize your estate and only covers property that is outlined within the document. A trust does not have to go through a court process and will go into effect the moment it is signed.

Will: Like a trust, a will allows you to designate beneficiaries who will inherit your property. A will also allows you to specify medical treatment desires in the event you are unable to speak for yourself. A will covers all property in your name at the time of your death and must go through the courts to be executed. A will is only effective after you die.

Whether or not you use a will or trust to control your assets is up to you. It is possible and sometimes advised to have both documents drafted by a lawyer, depending on your assets and financial situation.

Prescott Estate Planning and Probate

Formulating an estate plan if a unique process for each client. While there are some similarities in the processes, the details are custom to your needs.

Estate Planning: The series of steps you take to ensure each part of your estate, no matter how large or small, is heired to the right individual. Estate planning also considers your business ventures. Business entity formation, purchase agreements, closely held entities, and deferred compensation programs can all impact your estate plan.

Probate: In short, probate is the court procedure that verifies and proves a will to be valid. While we would all hope that families could come together in the passing of a loved one, that isn’t always the case. If an heir believes he is entitled to more than specified or the executor or personal representative distributes assets other than what the will designates, a battle over property can ensue.

Finding a lawyer you trust is especially important when creating a trust or will or moving forward with estate planning or entering the probate process.

Prescott, AZ Legal Services

Holland Law Group prides itself on walking you through each process and answering any questions you have regarding your Prescott estate, or being the heir of a loved one’s assets. If you have questions about your asset planning, developing a will, trust or both, or what to expect during probate, contact our office to schedule a consultation.


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