Coconino County Superior Courthouse Arizona

The following is a list of legal-related links that contain information and services maintained by a third party. Holland Law Group assumes no responsibility for the information contained herein.

Helpful Legal References

  • LexisNexis Legal Newsroom

    Requires users to sign-in, but is a free site containing a free legal search engine to search cases that were decided within the last five years.

  • Arizona Revised Statutes

    Arizona Revised Statutes contains the complete and updated statutes of Arizona. The code can be browsed by title or searched by topic with the search tool.

  • United States Code

    United States Code contains the United States Code (federal statutes) in its entirety. Also contains links to Congressional bills, informative explanations, and searching tips.

  • Westlaw Classic

    Westlaw Classic is an integrated search engine for caselaw and statutes, as well as legal secondary sources. The service can be utilized at a per-transaction basis via credit card.

  • FindLaw

    FindLaw is a free website that includes posts on many legal issues, as well as limited legal forms and discussions about developments in the law.

  • NOLO - Law for All

    A website and service devoted to DIY’s that contains links to advice and publications specific to particular areas of law.


  • Arizona Judicial Branch Public Access

    Arizona Judicial Branch Public Access is a website maintained by the Arizona Supreme Court, which allows users to check the status of cases pending and/or already decided in most of the court systems in Arizona.

  • Arizona Court of Appeals - Division 1

    Arizona Court of Appeals – Division 1 allows users to access and monitor cases pending in the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division 1 (Phoenix and the northern half of the state).

  • Arizona Court of Appeals - Division 2

    Arizona Court of Appeals – Division 2 allows users to access and monitor cases pending in the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division 2 (Tucson and the southern half of the state).

  • The Judicial Branch of Arizona - Maricopa County

    The Judicial Branch of Arizona – Maricopa County contains links to forms and services, as well as a searchable format for monitoring cases pending in Maricopa County (Phoenix metro area). Even if your case is not pending in Maricopa County, some of the information on processes and rules relating to court decorum are helpful.

Governmental/Government Agencies

  • Navajo County Assessor

    Navajo County Assessor – Property Search allows users to look up property in Navajo County by owner’s name, parcel number, or address. The site also allows users to monitor payment of taxes for particular parcels and includes a GPS mapping feature for Navajo County.

  • The County Recorder

    The County Recorder provides a means of searching recorded documents in Navajo County.

  • Navajo County Home Page

    Navajo County Home Page is the home page for the Navajo County government and includes links to the Assessor, Recorder, Treasurer, Sheriff, and County Attorney’s office as well as many others.

  • Arizona Corporation Commission

    Arizona Corporation Commission is the website for the Arizona Corporation Commission and features search capabilities to discover the principals, officers, and statutory agents of corporate entities, including limited liability companies.

  • Arizona Registrar of Contractors

    Arizona Registrar of Contractors is the Arizona Registrar of Contractor’s website. Users may verify contractor’s licenses, standing, and pending complaints, as well as gather information on the processes for handling complaints.