Red Rock in Sedona

Asset Protection

The more assets you acquire in this life, the more of an attractive litigation target you become. Additionally, fluctuations in the economy may cause once-thriving business ventures to suddenly fail and threaten to take all of your net-worth with it. While there is no fool-proof mechanism to completely shield you from creditor attacks, asset protection planning can help insulate your assets from those seeking opportunity to dig into “deep pockets.”

Some people believe that a trust is all you need to protect your assets. Sadly, this common misconception has caused many have a false sense of security with frustrating results. A living trust, used in conjunction with business entities and other asset protection tools, can create effective methods for protecting your assets.

Inexperienced planners may employ planning techniques which constitute “fraudulent conveyances,” or otherwise violate the law. Our highly qualified attorneys can help you shield your business and family assets from creditor attacks using proven methods upheld by courts. By implementing asset protection mechanisms, it is possible to deter potential creditors from pursuing you, and in many cases will frustrate creditors who do pursue you.