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Business Law

The law offices of Holland Law Group excel in providing their clients with the proper advice and guidance regarding all legal business-related matters. From

forming a new business

, to

buying and selling

an existing one, we pride ourselves in making the process as comprehensible and equitable as possible. Our attorneys are conveniently located in Northern Arizona and just a call away.

Buying and Selling a Business, Entities, Agreements & Formations

There are a number of legal complications that can arise when dealing with business entities instead of individuals not to mention Arizona’s frequent regulatory changes. When things go sour in a business arrangement and individuals lose money, they tend to attempt litigation in order to retrieve it — whether or not legal matters were at issue. If your business has legal needs, including agreements, organizational structures, and disputes, it is best to use someone familiar with Arizona business law, so your legal documents protect you, not make you vulnerable.

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Business Formation (LLCs, LLPs, Corporations and Partnerships)

Selecting an entity is an important start to your business. You want protection from creditors and others. And if the organizational documents are not properly and completely prepared and maintained you may face personal liability. At our firm, we will help you assess your needs and choose an appropriate entity, whether it be a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), or corporation. Our lawyers will complete necessary paperwork, including that which you probably do not know about, and create bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements, or articles of incorporation, depending on your specific needs.

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Arizona Business Transactions & Contracts Serving Arizona Businesses

Our attorneys have unparalleled skills when it comes to business contracts and transactions. We may be business lawyers but we speak in plain English. Our business lawyers believe that the rights and responsibilities of each respective party should be clearly outlined in every contract, every business transaction, and in every legal matter.

We ensure clients will never be confused by complicated legal jargon or lose out because they didn’t understand what was in an agreement. We achieve an understanding of your business objectives and will prepare and negotiate an effective business contract providing structure for the future of your business. Standard contract preparation for us includes, legal matters relating to: Stockholders, LLC Members & Managers, Non-disclosures (NDAs), Non-Competition Distributorships, Business Acquisitions, Mergers, and Purchases and Sales. We will support your business in its transactions.

We offer legal counsel on: Mergers, Acquisitions, Debt financing, Joint ventures, Partnerships, and Employee relations. Our transactional attorneys work directly with you to provide a solid understanding of the requirements of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), a law developed to oversee business transactions in the United States. With Holland Law Group business lawyers at your side, business contracts and transactions are smoothly completed in a time-efficient manner.

Organizational Engineering

Running a business is often exciting and intimidating at the same time. At Holland Law Group, PLLC, we help your business establish a distinct marketing direction and assist in developing a concrete operational plan for your company. Our services include: Helping you determine what type of business entity to become, Maximizing the chance of success for your company, Determining short and long-term business plans, Preparing and reviewing contracts, Negotiating deals, and Creating local entities and local contracts. Our open, communicative attorneys work with you to determine which business structure is most appropriate for your given situation. We consider a variety of elements, such as your risk level, management style, and ultimate goal. Our team works with individuals and groups interested in starting:

  1. LLCs
  2. Corporations
  3. Non-profits
  4. Partnerships
  5. Sole Proprietorship
  6. S Corporations
  7. Family Limited Partnerships
  8. LLPs

Arizona Business Litigation

When it comes to business litigation in Arizona, the attorneys at Holland Law Group, PLLC are vigilant advocates on behalf of our clients. Our litigation law firm has represented small and large businesses and financial institutions in alternative dispute resolutions. Litigation is stressful. Our business law attorneys strive for a quick and beneficial resolution, working tirelessly with you throughout the entire legal process. Every attorney at our law firm has hands-on experience dealing with Arizona and federal courtroom procedures, providing invaluable representation to our clients. Our law firm consistently produces successful results for our clients - changing a business dispute into a business opportunity.

In addition to providing trial representation, the attorneys at Holland Law Group, PLLC can represent your business in:

  1. State and Federal Court Cases Appeals - Requesting a change to a previous decision before a higher court.
  2. Multi-Party Litigation - A lawsuit in which many individuals are represented in one case.
  3. Small Claims Court - Court that practices civil matters for smaller amounts of damages.

Dissolutions and Partnership Disputes

Anyone in business for any length of time will eventually become involved in a dispute. While going through a business divorce or dissolution is undeniably stressful, the attorneys Holland Law Group, PLLC can help you through this difficult time. We use society's technologically-driven environment to your advantage and will use our findings to take your case to court if necessary. Our attorneys have considerable experience with electronic evidence such as computer/internet records and data recovery—two very influential elements in determining who is right in a modern-day business dispute. We are here to protect your interests in:

  1. Local and international contract disputes
  2. Employment law matters
  3. Franchise disputes
  4. Partnership and shareholder disagreements
  5. Business dissolutions
  6. Separation of a business partnership (business divorce)
  7. Collection matters
  8. Disputes regarding the management of business debt or assets
  9. Technology licensing agreements
  10. Intellectual property theft cases
  11. Breach of contract claims
  12. Fraud Deceptive or unfair business practices
  13. Fund division

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Protecting Personal Assets

As a business owner, proactive personal asset protection may be essential to protecting your hard-earned assets against situations and events beyond your control. At Holland Law Group, PLLC, we have the business savvy and legal experience to evaluate the risks you face and the best methods for legal asset protection.

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